Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone

Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone

A song by Carol Crain (Larry Steve Crain's wife)

May the hurts and disappointments of my life
Be a stumbling block or a stepping stone?
Will I allow them to cause bitterness and strife
Or will I let them strengthen me as I walk on?

It's up to me what I let God do in my life...
The choice is mine - to win or lose, to be
stable or confused.
The trials I've had in days gone by
Can make me quit - or determined to try.
Lord, with your help, I'll let them be
a stepping stone.


Some Photographs from South Vietnam, 1971
(Photos by Larry Steve Crain) 

Polishing boots for soldiers -- Long Binh U.S. Army post

"Free Lt. Calley" written on shower room

Downtown Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City) 

Johnny Contreas drives a jeep.  

Statue in Saigon
Street Market
Astride a Cobra helicopter

Little girls on the way home from school in Saidon 

Two friends: housemaids on Long Binh U.S. Army post 

Austrailians playing for a graduation ceremony for native troops

Lunch at a French restaurant in Saigon

Dale Flowers, U.S. Army

Saigon street

Cam Ranh Bay 

On a Saigon street -- U.S. soldiers from Long Binh post
East meets West

Augustus Lane Bagwell
Bill Lorber from Oran, Iowa
Dale Flowers and Al Ratliffe

Dale Flowers

An Army reporter, Long Binh Army post
"What's happening?"
Grant Thigpen

Maid at Long Binh, U.S. Army post

Concertina Wire on the perimeter of Long Binh U.S. Army post 

With gold-covered teeth
One barracks area of Long Binh U.S. Army post, South Vietnam 

Making lunch

Ox cart
Art for sale on a Saigon street

Chess player

SFC Seales

A Catholic statue

Special Forces: U.S. soldier 
Cambodian troops graduate training in South Vietnam. 

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